Paparoa Village

Kaipara, Northland, New Zealand


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We are grateful to acknowledge the contribution of the world renowned Matakohe Kauri Museum for its dedication to the preservation of local history and for making these historic photographs from their extensive collection available for display on this website.

A busy day at the Paparoa Post Office, 1909

Charlie Taylor's coach on the muddy roads, 1918

Wedding of Robert Dodds to Bernice Tibbitts, c1912

Cliffs store bought by Millington & Litherland who altered and added to it. The butchers shop is attached to the right of the store

Montague's boot shop Paparoa 1913, situated far side of Paparoa Post Office. Built in 1879 below the Post Office towards Slaters Bridge

Tom Parson's Blacksmith Shop, Paparoa. First owned by Mr Tomlinson, it changed hands several times to Jack Knew, Mr WH Garry Redford, Parsons, Efford again, Spick & Jordan and finally Mr Jordan

The Otamatea County's new roller negotiating Skelton's bridge for the first time, 1924-25

A typical first home - a nikau whare with split palings for walls with a tea tree fence for shelter and to keep out anything that might dig up a very important garden. So many of NZ's first settlers started out in this way as gumdiggers, busman or farmers

Metal barges at Paparoa landing 1925. Contract Billy Gibbs

The original Slater's Bridge showing the old road leading to the Methodist church. Dan Evan's house on right, cemetry and Hook's store on left

Mr G Tibbits Seniors home at Paparoa, 1872. Now owned by Mr McPherson. C Fenwicks house in the background

From Trounson's Hill over looking Paparoa. James Trounsons home on the left and Aunty Trounsons on the right. This was before James Trounson shifted to Moropui (Trounson's Kauri Park), Note the 2 large Kauri trees left and right
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